What We Do


Autotests are on grass or tarmac and is where the competitor has to follow a prescribed route around cones or other obstacles in the fastest time. Car are divided into classes according to engine size, driven wheels etc. Penalties are incurred for cones knocked over or if the driver does not follow the route will be given a washout time. Tests are usually between 30 seconds and 2minutes long. You will not normally get highier than 2nd gear but reversing is involved. This is a great starting event for people of all ages!

Car Trials

Car Trialssections are laid out on grass where drivers have to climb a hill. There are 12 section markers between the start and finish. If a driver climbs the hill, he gets a 'clean', i.e. '0' marks. Otherwise the mark is at the point of failure. Car Trials require good car and clutch control with a gentle right foot. Junior members may compete from the age of 16 onwards.

Navigational Scatters

Navigational Scatters are somewhere between a treasure hunt and a road rally and provide an ideal introduction to motor sport in your own, standard car. How Much do they cost?They are dead cheap to do - £7 entry per car, £10's worth of OS maps (which can be used again) and probably about £15 worth of petrol for over two hours of sport, not bad by today's standards. What else do you need? Well, a couple of pencils, a rubber, a torch and a romer for plotting map references (which should last you all year), a car and a crew of at least two people. What do you have to do? You plot a list of thirty or so simple map references, then choose which of the plots you want to visit. When you get there there will be a question to answer to prove you were in the right place. Visit as many points as you can to score as many points as you can. What can you win? There are awards for first overall and first Novice crew, plus your finishing position determines how many points you get in the Skipton Trophy Navigational Championship. When are they? We run six each year, all on a Wednesday evening. The first one is run in January, details are found in the 'forthcoming events' section.

12 Car Rally's

12 Car Rally's are run part of the Skipton Trophy. 12 Car rallies are run to Navigational Rally rules, which are based on navigational skills rather than speed, and with usually a notable social element too. A maximum of 12 compeating vehicles per event, maximum average speed of 30MPH Plot 'n' bash navigation style also use of handbooks using tulips, color codes, spot heights etc.

Stage Rallies

A Stage Rally is a group of timed sections on a variety of surfaces, closed to the public. Stages are set up and marshalled for safety, specifically prepared cars are required.

Jubilee Historic Rally and Run

Jubilee Historic Rally and Run is a road rally with autotest sections interspersed. Cars classed as Historic must be registered before 1968 and Post - Historic vehicles registered before 1975. It is part of the National Championship and is usually run in April. The rally is a plot and bash event while the Run is a closed to club event and the navigation is by a tulip road book. Check out the Historic Rally Website at: http://www.jubilee-rally.org

Motorcycle Events

Motor Cycles IDMC was originally founded in 1910 as a motor cycle club. The motor cycle section, although small in number, still promotes 3 renowned annual events:- The New Year Trial, The Grand National Trial and the Sammy Miller pre 65 Trial

There are many championships within the club, including best overall club competitor, best ladies, under 18's, under 23's, over 45's, top stage and road rally drivers and navigators, navigational championships and much, much more. So come and give it a go, you might just take home a trophy or two at the end of the year!