President's Paragraphs

Winter Time

At the risk of sounding like a doom monger the dark nights are now with us and the warm rain has given way to cold rain and wind! This is generally the time we all baton down the hatches and get ready to see the winter through.

Unless of course you are part of the lkley and District Motor Club and then you have plenty of events and social gatherings to look forward to! And if you are organising an event you get to spend even more time out in the fresh air and amazing countryside we have on our doorsteps.

Recently I have competed on the Economy Run, set up a scatter and reccy'd the New Years Day walk. The Economy Run took us along some very different roads and included a wonderful snow covered drive on the gated road from Norwood Edge to Leathley. The sheep looked at us as if we were bonkers!!

Claire and I have also spent several evenings and weekend afternoons checking the plots for the scatter which would be the second round of the Skipton Trophy. While it can be time consuming, it is great fun driving all the roads that we had chosen to put the plots on! We experienced every weather condition going including thick fog which caused a couple of wrong slots, one to miss a wall that appeared out nowhere, honest!!!

Another plus to come out of us setting up the scatter is that Claire has offered to navigate on the next scatter and has talked Emily Tindal into doing it as well! This could well see at least three couples doing the scatter on the 30th November, although if things don't go well there could be some frosty silences in the pub afterwards!!

And today Claire and I have dragged ourselves out of a warm house to go and reccy the New Years Day walk. It looked a bit gloomy out of the window but once out and walking we realised just what a lovely day it was. And the walk we have chosen, to Goitstock waterfalls, is one of the best I have done for a while. It has something for everyone and if you are a dog owner it's a must! There are sheep free fields for them to run around in, an easily accessible stream to explore and of course lots of mud!! The Malt Shovel pub will be the start and finish point and we can confirm the selection of beers and wine is excellent!! There are more details on the events pages inside.

So if you feel the winter days are dragging get out and about by foot or in the car and enjoy the local scenery and roads. Or check out the forthcoming events in this month's newsletter and come along to the social gatherings or get involved in the events by organising one or helping them run. I guarantee you will feel better for it!!