President's Paragraphs

What a surprise Ilkley Motor Club is ahead of the MSA in trying to promote grass roots motor sport,
why? Well it turns out that while we can run Hybrid cars on the forthcoming Economy Run (20th June
and limited to 12 entries so watch out for the regs so you don’t miss out) due to the fact that is runs
on the public road but we are unable to run with the Hybrid class on our club events as the MSA
have no guide lines for scrutineering such cars on private land, yet they can run a championship for
electric Porches. Perhaps the MSA should look at the bottom of the triangle where most people live
and not concentrate on the elitist sport. After all every section of the sport is struggling to
encourage new people especially youngsters, be it competing, marshalling , organising, yet with a
bit of forward thinking they could have a massive market, how? Well from the age of 14 (excluding
karting and circuit racing) youngsters can compete as drivers on various forms of motorsport, so why
not have them registered via motor clubs as capable drivers after they have done a minimum
number of events. Then give them 10% off their car insurance when they pass their test, ok this
would mean the MSA having some kind of association with the insurance industry, but in the bigger
picture of things that must help the MSA. It’s sure to help the youth as not only have they got the
speed issue out of their system, they will have learnt car control and 10% off a £2500 insurance
policy is a lot of money (as parents will confirm) so come on you lot at the MSA give us down here
some support.
Support well thanks to lots of you for raising monies in various ways for the M/S charity, the table
top rally run by Crow has put over £700 into the pot, Doreen Simpson has been selling Tony’s wood
carvings at various events raising over £70 and the recent Presidents run added more than £120. It
was good to see that people on the way out of the pub were interested in what we were doing and
donated to the cause. (No one managed to do this on the way into the pub, I wonder why?).
Francisca Baglow has given up sweet things (not Joe) for May and has got a Just Giving page which
can be linked from our website; she also has the old fashioned sponsorship forms so why not give
her some encouragement.
The May committee meeting seemed to come and go without anything major to report and you’d
better be on your best behaviour at the June meeting as Neil Raven is in the hot seat while Hazel and
I take a trip round the Rocky Mountains in Canada.
Glad to see that the weathers picking up a bit with the ground drying out which is good news for our
CTs, mind you co driver Jamie Forrest may have a different view as during the weekend of 12th
&13th, May he was competing on the Manx National Rally in the Isle of Mann where on the Friday
stages a jet ski was recommended rather than a rally car!! They had an excellent result taking 4th in
class and 23rd o/a in a very tough class. Seems that this was a very busy weekend motor sport wise
as we had Ilkley members out competing on Hill Climbs, Sprints, Autotests, Classic Historic Rallies,
Stage Rallies, Sporting Trials and we were still able to support Airedale and Pennine with lots of
marshals for their Yorkshire Classic Trial. Looking forward to write ups or event summary’s guys and
Club member Mark Dickinson was also off down to Wales starting a recce and getting information on
the Wales Rally GB which this year is earlier than normal with dates set for 4th to 7th October. Mark is
sorting SS1 the Tir Stage which may well be televised and needs lots of support so if you want to
help him out or marshal elsewhere during the weekend don’t forget you need to register via
Happy motor sporting. Nick