King Brothers Trophy AutoSolo

What is an AutoSolo ?

AutoSolo is a form of motorsport that is great fun and yet will not stretch the pocket. You do not need a specialised car, in fact you must drive your road legal car to the event.

And yet, as a skill based competition against the clock, it provides a challenge to both novice and expert alike.

AutoSolo is relatively new to the UK, Motor Clubs like Ilkley and District are now organising AutoSolo events and the BTRDA have introduced a nationwide challenge.

What is involved ?

The organisers will mark out a route on a sealed surface using traffic cones, to help you find your way around, some cones are laid on their side to point the way. When you have to drive between a pair of cones, these gates are numberer in sequence, which again helps with the route. You will be given time to learn the route before the event starts.

When you arrive at the start line, the marshal will start the clock as you pull away, you must then drive around the course without touching any of the cones. There will be no requirements to reverse or stop astride lines but you must follow the correct route. 

The clock will stop as you cross the finish line. As you catch your breath, the marshal will tell you your time and you can park your car until your next run at the tests.

There will usually be at least 2 different routes laid out during the day and you should get 2 or 3 runs at each, the winner is the driver who has the lowest total score at the end of the day.

What kind of car can I use ?

Any road legal car may be entered, smaller hatchbacks are very popular but even large saloons will ne able to negotiate the course. Tax discs must be displayed and if the car is over 3 years old, you must be able to produce the MOT certificate.


The emphasis is on skill not outright speed, so unlike other forms of motorsport, you would have to do something silly to cause any damage. You can compete in your car on the Sunday and still drive to work on the Monday.

Do I need a driving licence?

As drivers aged 16 and over may enter an AutoSolo no drving license or competition license is required. You need to be a member of a Motor Sports Association reconised Motor Club (Ilkley is one and you can join as a single member for £12 a year)


There are some car restrictions for drivers under 17 in that the car must have 4 seats and the engine must not exceed 1600cc and must not have a turbo or supercharger.

What do I do when I am not driving ?

One of the great aspects of AutoSolo is that you get involved with the event. The drivers will be divided into three groups, so you will either be getting ready to drive, driving or marshalling on the course.


For those who have not done it before, plenty of help will be on hand.

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