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21 Years Ago

21 YEARS AGO the March 1997 Newsletter.

The NEW YEAR TRIAL had a significant change for 1997 in that the usual multi-venue trial was totally run in Dob Park and Brown’s Wood to try to boost entries and help the organising team. There was snow and very cold weather before the event which made setting out interesting but on the day 19 sections, set out by Clerk of Course, David Smoley and helpers, were run for the 34 entries. The ‘flu bug got the better of many Ilkley members and many thanks to very late stand-in secretary, Janet Kitching, (replacing Nick Pullan on the day) and those who did turn up to observe and to the Summer Wine Team for many years of back room support. Jimmy Noble (GasGas) won the A.K.Dawson Trophy from Ben Hemingway (Beta) (1st E), Dan Hemingway (Beta) (2nd E) and Nathan Wrigglesworth (GasGas (3rd E).

ROUND 1 of the SKIPTON TROPHY started at the Yew Tree in Otley where eventual winners Team Beardmore/Morris preferred to plot in their Morris Minor Van! They congratulated the organisers, Team Kitching on providing a scatter where route checks were just that – proof that you had been there – no searching around villages looking for clues only visible in daylight – in fact all clues were visible from the driver’s seat, even with a van’s lack of rear visibility! In spite of a bit of a scare at a cattle grid at the top of Lofthouse they were rewarded with their first scatter win and an enjoyable evening’s motorsport.

THE DINNER DANCE & PRIZE PRESENTATION was held at the Craiglands Hotel, Ilkley with President, Roy Howarth and Kath welcoming members and guests and later presenting the awards. A list of awards was printed in the Newsletter although there wasn’t a write up of the event itself.

Major Award winners were : Postlethwaite Trophy/Kleber Concorde Trophy – Chris Sykes/Adele Mosey; Trade Members Cup/Clifford Hobson Memorial Trophy – Nigel Bromley/Ian Waddington; Skipton Rally Trophy – Karen Spencer/Jamie Forrest Y.E.P. TT No.1Trophy/No.2 Trophy – Jean/Stan Appleton Payne & Robinson Trophy/Bastow Trophy – Mick O’Donnell/Steve Featherstone Fred Waite Trophy/Rosedale Trophy – David Mosey/Malcolm Rainforth Shell Oils Cup/Abe Farrar Memorial Trophy – Henry Kitching/Jamie Forrest M.S.Tullie Trophy/Scott Practice Bowl – Janet Kitching/Jamie Forrest Scribe of the Year – Nigel Bromley Kath & Charles Smith Memorial Trophy – Geoff & Kath Wheater

Club Historian.
N.B. I was surprised but delighted to be presented with the Scribe of the Year Award at the Dinner/Dance. Many thanks